Seminar work

The seminar participants get a certificate for 2 ects by completing the course work of the seminar.

Following is expected from the students:
- participation to the 2 seminar days (at location) including lectures and group work.
- reading and materials, min 60 pages, of materials from the provided list supporting the creation of the data management plan.
- creating a data management plan (3-4 pages) and reporting in a learning diary the experiences and issues when creating the plan, returned by June 4th, 2015.

We  live broadcast the lectures with Echo 360. Videos can be accessed through Moodle platform (link to the seminar available in the end of this page) and are available also for studying afterwards independently. If student studies independently instead of participating to one or both seminar days, he/she gets assignments related to the  group work of the seminar days and will  report the readings, and return his/her data management plan and learning diary by June 30th, 2015.

On the first seminar (18.5.) day we have indenpendent and groupwork activities to work on. Here is some more information related to these activities.

Students will explore independently some open data repositories, searching for data that is related to their own research topic.

Some possible examples of portals for searching open data:

Research data: OpenAIRE
Open data in Helsinki Region, Finland):
Finnish open access and data repositories (page in Finnish):
Aila - Finnish Social Science Data Archive:

Many municipalities are opening up their data in Finland. For example, 6Aika is advancing opening up data from six largest Finnish cities and its use. Around the world an increasing number of initiatives is active. Search and you'll find out what's available already!

Report your search results here:

Link to Moodle area:

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